what parents are saying

Gift from God
Emily, from Converse, TX

When I was 14 I babysat two children 8 and 12 months for many years and being able to communicate with them even before they could speak made that possible. I couldn’t have done it with out them knowing sign language. Now I have my own child and I just ordered my own set for her. I highly recommended teaching your child sign language and these videos are the way to go.

Loved it
Beth, from Carnegie, PA

I love this video! My daughter was 10 months old when we watched this video. It worked like a charm! We watched it 4 mornings right after breakfast and she picked it up quickly. Her first sign was ‘dog.’ She was signing everything and she was rarely frustrated. Her first spoken word was banana (other than Mama, Dada). She started reading by age 4 and is reading on a 5th grade level in 1st grade. I highly recommend it!

Nancy, from Layton, UT

When I heard that my baby could communicate with her hands before using her mouth, I thought I HAVE to give it a shot!!! 3 babies later I am still amaze at how Happy all my kids have been and I KNOW that it is because they can express themselves, eat, more, milk, sleep…. and I can understand and fulfill their needs without the guessing and continuous fussing of miscommunication!!! I recommend this to ALL parents!!! Thank you for this great product that has made my life easier and my babies happier!!!

Meghan, from Saint John, NB

Can’t believe how good these DVD’s are my daughter learned 3 new signs in less than a week, eat, cat & dog! She loves this dvd & wants to watch it all the time!!! Thanks you!

My 19 month has surprised me
Doris, from Jacksonville, FL

I have purchased the last two previous videos and he has learned all the words and signs from those dvd. The first video take my son at the time he was 12months a while to learn because he knew only a few signs that I taught him on my own. Once he learned most of the words from the first dvd, I decided to buy him the second series. He learned these set of words and signs in two weeks. He loves the videos once he hears the music from the beginning he runs to the television laughing and smiling. He is starting to say some of the words as well which I am so excited about. He learning and having fun at the same time. There no forcing him to watch he brings the dvd to me or even tries to place it in the dvd player. Me and my son loves My Baby Can Talk Program. I just ordered the third series and can’t wait for him to learn more signs!

Debbie, from Sandston, VA

From the very first viewing, my 12-month-old granddaughter was mesmerized! We watch the videos every day (at her request) and she is learning new signs every day! It really helps for her to be able to effectively communicate what she wants (milk, cookie, etc) and her “please” sign is hard to resist! The video quality is excellent, the music as wonderful, the signs are easy to learn, and the format is perfect for babies and young children. I would highly recommend this video set for anyone who wants to give their child or grandchild a jumpstart on their education and communication.

Excellent & Mesmerizing
Debra, from Sandston, VA

We got “My Baby Can Talk” after watching the infomercial several times, and gave it to her for her 1-year birthday. In six weeks of watching 3-5 times weekly, she can understand and sign the words: dog, cat, milk, eat, drink, hat, more, all done, and bird. When we put the video on, she is glued to the TV. When she wants to watch, she says & signs “cat, cat”. Excellent product!

Best DVD’s for babies!!!!
Juana, from Las Vegas, NV

My son has been watching these DVD’s since he was 3 months, he showed me his first sign at 9 months, now he is 22 months and knows all of the signs!!!! He is always excited to watch the DVD’s. I always recommend them to soon to be parents, or parents of babies, all I do is show them how much my son knows and then they’re sold!!!! 😀

Love it!
Margarita, from Providence Village, TX

My son loves these dvds he’s very fond on baby einstein but these dvd’s are by far his favorite! He is now 21 months and knows at least 25 sign’s. It really has been great for communicating these dvd’s has not only taught him signs but several words. We LOVE my baby can talk!

She LOVES it!
Briana, from Leander, TX

My baby has been watching my baby can talk for 2 months and she gets so excited every time I put it on! She has learned so much so fast! When I put it on she can hear it from the other room and she runs and says oooooooh and sits in her lil chair and starts clapping to the music!

Joanne, from Algonquin, IL

My daughter has been watching all three dvds since she was 9 months old. They are her favorite shows to watch. I have introduced her to other educational products but every time I put these on- she screams with glee and claps her hands. She loves following the signs

My Baby Can Talk!
Debi, from Tampa, FL

My grandson loves these DVDs, we have both learned to sign. It is great to be able to communicate with him. I wish there were more DVDs.

Very Pleased
Angie, from Alpena, MI

Our child is 17 months and has never watched or been interested in a movie or TV show. She got this for Christmas and is in tears when it’s over she enjoys it so much. I was very surprised how fast she caught on and started using the sign’s! Wish I would have gotten all at once to save money. But did just purchase the other 2, well worth the money!!!!

Awesome DVDs
Lindsay, from Schenectady, NY

One of the best collections of sign DVDs I’ve bought or seen!! My son wasn’t speaking, in part to his autism. As soon as we purchased this DVD collection, my son was saying & doing quite a bit of the words & signs!! This dvd collection has changed our lives!!! Thank you so very much!! 🙂

Nanny Stefani, from Newhall, CA

I love this series much better because it teaches true ASL. If kids are going to learn a second language let’s make it a true language. Just as you don’t speak baby talk to teach them to talk why would you use baby signs instead of reinforcing what they sign by showing them the correct ASL sign? I love that you guys teach that principal.

Tayyiba, from UK

This dvd is great and really helped my child.

Absolutely Perfect!
Laura, from Burnie, MD

My Baby Can Talk DVDs are absolutely perfect! They do the job of teaching signing and engaging my daughter (Kayla) so well, that I was amazed! I started teaching her signing early on, and she began signing back around 8 months old (milk was her first sign), but I was erratic and inconsistent simply because I didn’t have any tools to go by… I just sort of stumbled through and taught her new signs as I came across them. Her dad and I are both active duty military, so we are very busy and sometimes work long and odd hours, so it was difficult to get organized and stay on track. These videos have been so helpful! My daughter doesn’t watch television and I’d tried out several other educational videos, but she hasn’t been interested in them for more than a few moments, at most. I’m totally okay with that because I don’t feel that tv is the best thing for her. However, when she saw your My Baby Can Talk, First Signs DVD, she was hooked… so was I! It is so well designed! I encourage her to watch the video each day- and I sit with her because it’s so much fun to see her learn. She actually watches the woman on the screen do the sign and then tries it herself, even looking down at her own hands and then back up at the screen, trying to figure it out. Incredible! She shows me the sign and smiles with pride. It’s so adorable- I love it! Since beginning to watch your videos, her signing vocabulary has soared- even faster than I can keep up. Plus, she has been a bit on the slower end of the language development curve so far, but it seems that your videos have encouraged her speaking and those skills are improving as well. It could be a coincidence, but even if it is, the videos are still great. As I mentioned, Kayla wouldn’t sit to watch anything for very long at all. Now, she asks (often!) for the “baby” video (she signs baby or bird to request it, lol!), and then she will sit through nearly the entire video if I let her! Quite a wonderful product and one that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone interested in teaching their baby or toddler to sign. We’ve tried other signing videos, but they don’t seem to be on her level like yours do. The others might be good for older kids or preschoolers, but yours are PERFECT for us. So thank you so much for designing them.

Outstanding DVD’s!
Marina, from Newport News, VA

Thank you is all I can say, 4-5 years ago, these were the only sign language dvd’s for kids, and my then 12 month old daughter loved them and picked the signs up like a sponge. We are a bilingual family so language is a slower/more complicated process for both my children as they learn two languages at the same time initially. But the two dvd’s which was out at that time was so amazing – wish I had the third dvd too!!! They could tell me clearly in sign language everything they wanted, WAY before the English and Afrikaans (Dutch dialect) words were clearly spoken. Please buy them (all three) you won’t be sorry! (I can recommend baby signing time too, but would suggest you get my baby can talk for the younger children, under 2 or 3)

Stephanie, from Huntington Beach, CA

My son has been watching the First Signs and Sharing Signs videos since he was 6 months old. At that age, he was able to tell us when he wanted to eat and have his milk. Now that he is 14 months old, he can sign almost every word in the two videos combined. So much so, that I often find him signing words that I didn’t even realize! When we brought home our Christmas tree, he started to wave at it. I thought he was just saying “hi” to the tree. It was a couple of days later that I realized he was signing the word “tree”, which is very much like a wave! He signed it all on his own! I LOVE these DVD’s and I love that I have a way of communicating with my baby, and that we understand each other. I can’t tell you how many temper-tantrums I have been able to avoid by simply saying to my son, “Use your words. What do you want?” He does the sign and our levels of frustration simply disappear! LOVE THESE DVDs!!! Thank you so much!!!

These are the BEST videos on the market
Leslie, from Bakersfield, CA

My daughter started viewing these videos at 3 months old and started signing by 6 months. She is now 13 months and absolutely loves the videos, she actually sits quietly in front of the TV to watch and practice signing at the video plays. How awesome! She uses sign language throughout the day because of these videos!

The Best
Elizabeth, from Houston, TX

I absolutely love this DVD! Both of my daughters, ages 4 and 2, have learned these signs. They have not seen the video in over a year, and still know all of them! It is so much fun for them to learn more signs, and it makes them very proud to show them off. I believe it has helped them communicate and learn new words.

My kids love these signing videos!
Lorelei, from Columbia, MD

We have the first two DVD’s and I’m here to order the 3rd! We used the dvd’s with my daughter who was a late talker, and she knew all the signs in the videos, plus some! She loved watching them over and over again. She never seemed to get tired of them, like she did with other programming. We are now using them with my 15 month old. He will walk up to the tv and start singing ‘more’ for me to put the video on for him. Can’t wait to get the 3rd video!

Carolyn, from St. Paul, MN

Please make more DVDs! My toddler loves them. She is almost two and knows all the signs but she still likes to watch these shows over and over. We always watch them together. She enjoys them much more than baby einstein, etc. What I appreciate (that baby e. does not have) is that you can watch words as chapters individually. Sometimes we just watch two or three. It shakes up the order and she can also tell me her viewing preference. We hope you have plans for more volumes soon.

We couldn’t believe it…
Brandina, from Newport Beach, CA

My baby started viewing your videos at around 4-5 months old and she started signing by 8 months. We couldn’t believe it. We have all 3 of your videos and she knows all the signs. She also started talking early – I think her understanding of sign has just helped her understand communication all around. THANK YOU SO MUCH! While my friends babies are screaming our daughter is talking/signing away. And she loves the videos- she would rather watch your videos than any other learning videos we’ve tried.

My daughter loves the videos!
Amy, from San Antonio, TX

As a special education teacher, I feel very strongly that early learning and communication begins the lifelong learning process. My daughter started with the First Signs video and was signing for milk and more by 6 months. The video holds her attention and is pleasant for parents as well. I bought the other 2 DVD’s and the board books and my daughter loves those too! She is now 9 months and is making many more signs (dog, diaper, sleep, daddy, etc). People often comment on how happy our daughter is, and I attribute that to the fact that she is able to communicate her needs, which minimizes frustration. When I took her to the pediatrician, she was very impressed by my daughter’s ability to tell me she wanted to eat her cereal by signing eat. I highly recommend these products and will purchase them for all of my pregnant friends as a gift!

Fantastic DVD!
Tara, from Leominster, MA

My daughter LOVES this DVD!!! It’s extremely interesting for babies….she’s 9.5 months and can sign most of the signs from the video and more! I can’t wait to order the rest!!!

The Best Sign DVDs
Caroline, from Westminster, CO

I have all 3 DVDs and love them. We reviewed other DVDs but My Baby Can Talk ones were the most interesting and fun to watch. I started signs on my own with our baby Luc but your DVDs really helped us accelerate the learning process. Compared to other babies, Luc is never frustrated because he can express himself and the big smile on his face is priceless when he knows he is understood. I cannot wait for other DVDs to come out… Hurry, Luc is growing up!

Awesome signing DVD for babies!
Christine, from Severn, MD

I bought this for my son who had tantrums since an early age (we later discovered he has Asperger’s Syndrome). I thought if he could express himself, it might cut down on the severity. And with the help of the first DVD, it helped us to communicate. At a year, he knew the entire DVD within two weeks’ time. (He is a visual child. He didn’t speak until after he was two.) My daughter at 9 months, looked at the TV and looked at her hands and signed ‘more’. She was smitten with Blues Clues until we put this DVD series in. There is nothing she enjoys more (where television is concerned) than these DVDs. It’s amazing and I look forward to watching her blossom with her language. She is a very talkative child (jibberish, of course), but she’s certainly ‘getting it’ with the signs. One thing that is a bit humorous is that the woman who signs made my son fearful, whereas my daughter lights up with a big smile when she comes on. Talk about polar opposites!! Thank you SO much for giving my son and soon, my daughter as well, a way to express themselves. I give your DVDs as baby gifts, I am so ‘sold’ on these videos! My friends have enjoyed them as well!

Bobbi, from Miami, FL

I purchased your program for my nephew and his wife when they had their son, Connor. He started signing when he was about 6 months old and now at 2, he is really communicating with the hearing impaired. I wish you had been available when I had my children and grandchildren. As a Pediatric Nurse I always knew that children could communicate before their vocal cords developed. I taught my children to make some signs, but didn’t follow through as I should have. I recommend your program to all my friends.

Great DVD
Sally, from Hanford, CA

This is a great dvd not only for the signing, spoken words and pictures but my son at 19 months is also learning the classical music that is so pleasant to hear for us as parents watching also. Thanks can’t wait to buy the others.

Simply Amazing!
Lynn, from Union City, CA

I was introduced to the Baby Hands DVDs through my sister-in-law. She used them for both her daughters. As she passed the DVDs to me for my youngest child, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We started playing the First Signs DVD for my daughter at 5 months because the music really soothed her. Now at 9 months, she is signing! She absolutely loves this video and can watch from beginning to end. My two older children love watching it also. It’s amazing to be able to communicate with our baby and know that she understands!

So Perfect for Babies
Julie, from Santa Cruz, CA

My son cares NOTHING for TV of any kind…can’t be bothered to stop and watch…Until I put in this DVD. We were amazed. It is so perfect for babies! It is slow and musical with lots of examples for each word (both real and toy/make believe!) Nice work!

Fantastic – helps develop language skills!
Chrystal, from Little Rock, AR

I have a degree in Early Childhood Education, and for a long time I was of the firm belief that television in ANY form was not appropriate for children under the age of 2. Little did I realize that such a valuable resource could exist in the form of a DVD. My mom bought First Signs for my son when I was pregnant with him because she and I have always been interested in basic sign language. I graciously accepted the DVD and silently vowed never to put it in the DVD player until my son was at least 2 years old. I got curious about it when he was around 11 months old and put it in. We watched it together, and after our first viewing he started signing milk. I quickly realized that this could be a great help for boosting his lagging communication skills. And it absolutely was! When he got a few more basic signs down, I could go through the list if he started to throw a fit — he usually wanted to eat, by the way ;). Thanks so much for such a quality product. I love the music, the first-person delivery, the usefulness of the basic signs presented — everything! I look forward to getting Exploring Signs soon.

First Signs
Suzi, from Jefferson City, MO

I got my 10 month old grandaughter the First Signs and the Sharing signs videos. She will not sit still and watch any videos except these two! She loves them and it is amazing how quickly she learned and how much fun we have learning and signing with her!

First Signs
Donna, from Sanford, ME

I have twin boys, and this video helped them to be able to communicate with me earlier than their older brother. They were comfortable being with others as we sent their video with them for those who didn’t know the signs, as well as a signing dictionary. It worked so well for us, that I recommend it to everyone I meet, or know who is either having or recently had a baby, or young children. My twins have lead poisoning, and everyone who deals with them is impressed with them, and I tell all of the doctors, therapists, teachers in their classes that you videos are behind it! I had a friend in New Zealand who was worried about her sons lack of speech, I sent her your first signs video, her soon started signing & speaking with in the first weeks of its arrival. I can’t say enough about your videos. I had my second set of twins last June, and tried the baby einstien’s signing video, as I couldn’t find yours at the stores locally. I have just today reordered your first signs, & your newest exploring signs. Now we will have all three of your videos. I’m looking forward to watching them with my young twins during recovery from surgery of one, it will give them quiet together time. Thanks again!

Love it!!!!
Davina, from Lawton, OK

My daughter is 8 months old and has been watching First Signs for about a week and a half. She has already started to ask for milk by signing and even tries to say milk. It comes out as mil. She has a favorite Pooh bear that she sleeps with and hasn’t done the sign for bear yet, but now says bear. She also says bird when it comes up on the video. She loves the music and gets excited when I put the video in. I tried the Baby Einstein signing dvd when I couldn’t find this dvd in any local stores (I had to buy it online) and would have taken it back if I could. My daughter was not interested in the video at all and I became bored with it shortly after it started. Plus it did not offer the signs that would be useful to her such as milk, more, drink, and eat. I will be purchasing the next dvd soon and am excited for future dvd’s to come out.

Yvonne, from New Rochelle, NY

My grandson loves this video and now he is three and we still use the signing.

My Baby Can Talk
Carol, from Uncasville, CT

This is an excellent DVD! My daughter started watching this when she was just about seven months old. She was just mesmerized by it! Now both my daughter, who is three, and my son, two; enjoy learning the signs. I would highly recommend this DVD!

Heather, from San Marcos, TX

I love these DVDs! My daughter is now 20 months old and she has been watching them since she was 10 months old. She watches them over and over again. She has learned to communicate the things she sees to my husband and myself. It teaches her about things she hasn’t seen yet. I love the fact it shows you the proper way to see the sign language and it also shows you what it would look like if a child were to sign the same thing. I love it! I know what to expect when she signs back to me! I highly recommend these to anyone!

First Signs & Sharing Signs
Maggie, from Honolulu, HI

I have a seven month old son and since I have started showing him the My Baby Can Talk DVD’s he is able to sit still and watch it at one setting. And I am watching with him:)) as I am enjoying it as much as he does. These DVD’s are excellent. Giving a child an opportunity to explore and learn at a slow, child’s appropriate, and pace. I am so happy that there is a new DVD on the market that I have just purchased, as I believe my son gains a lot of knowledge from it and it surely will help him to communicate later on. Good Job and keep on making those DVD’s as they are helpful not only for children with hearing problems but also for babies who just want to learn how to communicate.

Carrie, from Baltimore, MD

My daughter started watching this at 4 months because the music would calm her. At 6 1/2 months she did her first sign! Now at 16 months she does over 30 signs! I feel it saves me from temper tantrums! I worked on a lot of the signs regularly with her but not all of them, then all of a sudden she started doing the other signs on the video that we hadn’t even worked on. After she mastered this DVD, we got the next on! Thank you so much for this amazing DVD! I plan to use it for every child I have!

She Loves It!
Mandy, from IN

I started showing my daughter this movie at 10 months and she loves it and she caught on so fast. Kids will learn what we teach them and this movie is a easy way for them to learn.

Making life just a little easier!
Sami, from Denver, CO

When I first received the My Baby Can Talk First Signs video I never imagined the impact that it would have on my son Patrick’s life. Now we have moved on to the Sharing Signs video and given our first video to Patrick’s older cousin who cannot express his needs without throwing a temper tantrum. This has only made me realize how grateful I am that I have gotten the opportunity to communicate with my child. It has made my life as a parent just a little bit easier. Thanks!!! Looking forward to buying the third video soon.

Our Babies Can Talk!
Crystal, from Woodbridge, VA

We own a childcare and started using this dvd 2 years ago in our infant room during the hour before lunch, everyday. Within 2 mos they were communicating, even to their parents! I had to send the dvd home as homework so the parents could see what the children were saying.



The best baby product on the market
Cynthia, from Blainville, Quebec

Our baby is now 16 months old and has been watching the first two DVD’s since she was 10 months. She not only learned the signs from the video, but the words as well. She now has a vocabulary of over 250 words and always uses the signs upon saying the word. These DVD’s are a must for every baby and are not only educational, but enjoyable as well. I have just ordered the third DVD and I can’t wait to see my baby pick up some knew signs. She enjoys learning and we love to watch those little hands of hers signing. She even makes up signs when we don’t understand what she wants (e.g. blowing a kiss with her hand as she says kiss, or blowing as she signs tree, like a tree blowing in the wind). We live in French Canada and she attends a French daycare for 2 hours a day, she has taught the daycare monitors (whom don’t speak English) how to sign and therefore is able to communicate with them through signing. Everyone was amazed to see a 12 month old asking for milk, crackers and a bear each morning. I can just go on and on about how absolutely incredible these DVD’s are, and how wonderful it is when your baby is able to communicate with you, so please accept a great big thank you for making these videos.

Charissa, from Orlando, FL

We started signing with our son when he was 8 months old, but didn’t have much success initially. We were doing it on our own with no other visual aids and he wasn’t signing back. We purchased First Signs and Sharing Signs when he was 9 months old and within a month, he was signing back to us. By his 1st birthday, he was using 35+ signs regularly and would bring the DVD’s to us, asking to watch it. It was clear he felt empowered and thrilled at the fact that he could communicate with us.

We were very excited to see that there was going to be a 3rd DVD in the series and after watching it just twice, he began using the weather signs. We had also pointed out colors to him previously, but he did not pick up on them until watching the DVD. He is now regularly describing objects using color.

Teaching him the emotion signs has been unbelievably helpful. He is able to tell us if he is in pain (with teething or a stomach ache) or if he is scared. He can describe what he wants rather than crying.

Just one tantrum avoided or late night awakening quickly rectified would have been worth it to us, and we have gotten so much more than that out of this. Our Pediatrician is impressed with our son every time he visits. He is inquisitive, intelligent and communicative. I attribute a great deal of that to the My Baby Can Talk Series. Thank you.

I sell this product every day!!!
Crystal, from Palm Bay, FL

My husband and I have two children. We started watching these videos with our oldest when she was about 9 months old. By 18 months she was clearly speaking more than 100 words. Everyone who has come in contact with her is amazed by how advanced her vocabulary is, and I tell them it is thanks to these wonderful videos!!! My oldest (Skyler) is now 3 and we just received the third video. She is just as enthusiastic and captivated by this video as she was by the first two. Skyler is already using the signs on the third video, and we can’t wait to have our now 2 month old (Kailey) start talking and signing with these videos!!! What you have done with these products is fantastic, and I can’t wait for the video that teaches older children to use sign in conversations!!!! Thank you so much for this educational tool that has helped us to bond and communicate with our children!

5 Stars!!!
Tessa, from San Jose, CA

I am writing to tell you how much my daughter, Campbell, loves your third DVD in the My Baby Can Talk series. We have been watching the movie almost daily because she loves the DVD and she likes to sign the word “slide” and watch the toy animals work themselves up the ladder and down the slide. She signs “slide” and says the word. She is working hard at trying to learn all the signs and doing a great job of trying to master the signs. Some with her own little twist! She is really enjoying the movie and I can’t be happier!

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see her so excited when she remembers a sign or uses a sign while reading a book or going for a walk to let me know what she is seeing and what she would like to do. Campbell is going to turn two years old soon and it’s been wonderful teaching her sign language. It has made communications with her so much easier and stronger. Since she is using more language skills and trying to talk; when she is trying to find the words to express herself, I remind her to use her signs and then she isn’t so frustrated!! And neither are we!! She is also a budding little artist, so the learning the color signs, such as red, yellow or blue, has been a wonderful addition into our art time together! Thank you so much for creating such an educational and wonderful product. I keep recommending your DVDs and website to people where ever we go, and I highly recommend its use to new moms and dads (and so do Campbell’s Grandparents!). Thank you again and I look forward to more wonderful products from you in the future!

Educational and Entertaining! A MUST for your collection!
Kristin, from Ladora, IA

I have been using the My Baby Can Talk products with my son since he was 9 months old, and now at 22 months, Haven has an extensive sign (75 + words) AND verbal vocabulary! He even introduced himself to another child at the park last week, much to my own amazement! I give so much credit to My Baby Can Talk, for the effective and entertaining approach each DVD takes to Baby Signing!! I truly think this early approach at communication has done nothing but good things for our family!
Since Haven is speaking so well already I was concerned that he wouldn’t have as much interest in the newest DVD “Exploring Signs” but I couldn’t wait to put it to the test…and boy did it ever prove me wrong!! Haven was so engaged! He was saying the words with the DVD and attempting most all the new signs! He loved the DVD so much he asked to watch it again as soon as it was over…and has repeatedly ask to watch it daily since the first time he viewed it! The signs were very practical for the every day world of a Toddler! Everything was very recognizable to him, and this kept his interest peeked. The rhyme rhythms the newest “Exploring Signs” uses are such a treat to both toddler AND mom! They are easy to remember and use even in day to day conversations with my child.

Not only is the baby/toddler portion of the DVD a hit, but I found the parent tutorial extremely helpful and full of even more signs and approaches to try myself! From beginning to end this DVD exceeds all expectations! It’s a MUST have for anyone beginning to sign or already experienced in signing with their baby!

Entertaining and Educational!
Katie, from Scotts Valley, CA

My daughter loves her other My Baby Can Talk DVD’s and this one was no different. Although she is 21 months old and using words now she still loves to learn and use new signs. Since her words are not always understandable, it relieves a lot of frustration on both our parts when she signs the word for me as well.

The signs in this DVD were all very useful and applicable to our everyday life. She loved learning the sign for swing & slide and uses them every time were at the park. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone interested in teaching their baby to sign.

It’s not only entertaining and holds their attention but a great educational tool for parents.

5 Stars – Done It Again!
Kathy, from Los Altos, CA

We have been watching the My Baby Can Talk DVDs since my son was six months old. At eight months, he was signing a few words. At sixteen months, he now signs and speaks, and has a pretty extensive vocabulary. I am entirely convinced that a large part of his language skill is a result of watching these videos. The information is presented in a way, and at a pace, that is easy to digest and absorb. Anything else I have seen is nothing like this. The pace, the repetition, and the humor, I think, are a very successful combination.

The third in the series, Exploring Signs, maintains this formula. While my son is now familiar with, and speaking, many of the words, he still delights in watching the video, and learning new words and slightly more abstract concepts, like color.

The new video maintains the standard I have come to appreciate from the other two. I recommend this series to people all the time. I believe it aids in overall language development … and is really one of the only things my son consistently loves to watch.

Big Thumbs Up!! ***** Five Stars!
Betty, from Lakewood, CA

We have been very fortunate to have been able to preview Exploring Signs. I must say that once again we are very impressed and pleased with the video. Our son Elijah who is now 19 months old, loves all the music and he recognizes some of the objects used and signs them as he dances. These are the only videos that he will sit and watch attentively, the minute he sees the DVD player he smiles and asks us to play his favorite DVD’s, he won’t even watch any of the popular cartoon movies yet but show him a My Baby Can Talk signing DVD and he is hooked!

Exploring Signs is definitely a big hit in our household, once again we are all learning new exciting signs. We are happy to know that the company is growing and that our toddler is growing with and learning so much. I recommend these DVDs to everyone I meet and I give them as gifts to family and friends. They are great for the development of our little ones please continue to make these wonderful videos. Thanks a million from an extremely satisfied costumer and parent.